The ‘Fragment Scattered upon the Mountains, Gathered into One.’ (DID. 9.4)

9.3 And concerning the fragment: We give thanks to you, our Father, For the life and knowledge, which you have revealed to us through Jesus your servant. To you be glory for ever. 9.4 As this fragment lay scattered upon the mountains and has been gathered to become one, so gather your Church from the ends of the earth into your kingdom. For the glory and power are yours, through Jesus Christ, forever.

C O M M E N T :

This prayer voices the vision of authentic Christianity as the apostles learned and communicated it.  Everything   the Teaching (DIDACHE); the gathering into an assembly; the baptismal catechism    culminates in the Eucharistic “fragment.” 

So much could be written about this (if only time would permit!)

The sense of the ‘fragment’ which ‘lay scattered upon the mountains’ is of course open to interpretation.  In my own spiritual instruction, the angel which God has given to me speaks to me that the prayer basically refers to the miraculous Feeding of the Multitude (Mat. 14, Mar. 6,8, Luk. 9, Jn. 6). 

But this also evokes the mythic feeding of the children of Israel who wandered in the wilderness and were fed by manna which fell from heaven and was scattered on the ground. (Exod. 16).

See also ‘Radically incompatible Institution Narratives’


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